About Advertising

Mednetwork is a platform dedicated and specialised for the medical industry. It aim to bring together medical servicesproviders and patients/clients thereby providing an audience for advertising and marketing initiatives.
The key in marketing and advertising is making impressions at the right moment and Mednetwork platform offers opportunities to advertisers in medical industry. Mednetwork only displays medical related advertisement through its Mednetwork mobile application and the Mednetwork website.

Mobile advertising

Mednetwork offers advertising opportunities to advertisers wishing to target the public at large through
banner adverts which are placed at the bottom of the screens of various windows in the Mednetwork mobile application, starting with the landing page of the mobile application.These banner advertisements are linked to the advertiser’s desired pages to direct traffic from the Mednetwork platform to the advertiser’s page.

Mednetwork Website advertising

Medical service providers and the public visit the Mednetwork website Homepage creating an audience
to target both the public and medical services providers. These advertisement banners are conveniently
located on the Mednetwork Homepage to catch the attention of the audience.All advertisements will open the advertiser’s desired page when clicked, to provide you with an effective marketing opportunity to get relevant information to your audience.

Events advertising

Through its platform, Mednetwork can create and publish your medical related events to assist you get  the desired outreach. The creation or updating of events sends mobile and email notifications to all the public and medical services providers signed up to the platform.

Advertising of vacancies

All medical services providers subscribed to Mednetwork can post their vacancies for free on the Mednetwork platform. We appreciate the importance of recruiting the right personnel in service industries and created this feature to help you will your recruitment.

Mednetwork only accepts and publishes advertisements related to the medical and health industry


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